Number #3 Insurance Companies

Number #1 Tarping

Great Value:  Architecturally stylish but practically priced — with a Lifetime Limited Warranty

Dimensional Look:  Features proprietary color blends and enhanced shadow effect for a genuine wood-shake look

StainGuard Algae Protection: Helps ensure the beauty of your roof against unsightly blue-green algae

WindProven Limited Wind Warranty:  Shingles are eligible for an industry first: a wind warranty with no maximum wind speed limitation

LayerLock Technology:  Proprietary technology mechanically fuses the common bond between overlapping shingle layers

Up to 99.9% nailing accuracy:  The StrikeZone nailing area is so easy to hit that a roofer placed 999 out of 1,000 nails correctly in our test 

Our legendary Dura Grip sealant pairs with the smooth microgranule surface of the StrikeZone nailing area for fast tack. Then, an asphalt-to asphalt monolithic bond cures for durability, strength, and exceptional wind uplift performance

Highest Roofing Fire Rating:  UL Class A, Listed to ANSI/UL 790

When exposed to the elements, they don’t wrinkle and tear around fasteners like blue tarps. Endures up to 180 days of UV exposure & repels water.

Synthetic underlayment is tough, durable material that resists small tears and stands up to boot traffic.

Synthetics have extremely high tear strength compared to blue tarps. This means less tearing around fasteners during installation and fewer opportunities for water infiltration.

​Synthetics repel water while felt products absorb water. Most homeowners like the idea of having a product that sheds water as their secondary water protection barrier on their roof instead of a sponge.

​Synthetics are not a food source for mold like paper based #15 and #30 felt paper or blue tarps.

Most contractors, the blue roof program, and the insurance companies, has left a lot of important facts concerning getting your home or business repaired. So Daley's Contractors, LLC wants to give you all the facts concerning these issues, and give you the opportunity for our company to help you get back into your home or business, because let's face it were sure you don't want to stay living in a hotel for the next year.

For answers to all of what Daley's Contractors, LLC can do for you concerning your roof replacement, please call 504-475-7906 24/7 for a free inspection and consultation.

Our roof tarp pricing is based on a service fee specific to your type of roof, the square feet of tarp needed and safety hazards related to the roof surface (steep or high roofs). We provide an upfront quote after we view the property, and then we take payment once services are rendered. In addition to providing the temporary repair itself, we also provide electronic images of the damages for you to provide to your insurance carrier. Please call us anytime 24/7 at 504-475-7906 to schedule a time for us to come out to your home or business.

We Use Synthetic Underlayment

Daley's Contractors, LLC is fully qualified to work with insurance companies to satisfy storm damage claims for home and business owners. Our primary goal is to work with individuals and insurance companies to restore properties to original or better condition within the guidelines of the insurance policy. To bring order to chaos in the aftermath of disaster, no matter the size of the scope.

It is critical many times to contract with a professional prior to an insurance adjuster evaluating the roof. The insurance companies adjusters may need help with different things. 

A representative of Daley's Contractors, LLC will meet with your insurance adjuster on the property and identify all damage in order to assure the most favorable decision. There is no cost for this service.

After damage has been confirmed by a professional representative from our company, we can help you call your insurance company and start the process for a claim and request an adjuster to come review and estimate the damage with our representative.

Please call 504-475-7906 24/7 to schedule an appointment. We do remodeling also, click here to learn more.

Roofing supplies to be delivered to any residence in Louisana is a 3 week wait. Did your contractor inform you of that? Unlike other contractors, Daley's Contractors, LLC can deliver and replace your roof in as little as 5 days, as long as you have received your paperwork and check from the insurance company.

Hurricane Ida

Getting 3 Roofing Bids, Favors The Insurance Company, Not The Homeowner! Why Do Insurance Companies Tell Homeowners To Get Bids On Roof Replacement?

​Insurance companies are the only ones to benefit from bidding out a roof seeking the lowest bid. Insurance companies hope that home and business owners will try to pocket some money from their claim, that way when they receive the final invoice, and they won't have to pay the full amount of the claim. The policyholder does not benefit and is usually hurt by this as they will typically receive a lower-quality roof, and no extra money in their pocket.

How Should I Select A Contractor If Bids Don't Matter?

* Reputation (Good reviews) see our reviews here
* Quality (Roof installation process, quality control system, good materials)
* Reliability (In business at least 5 years, will be around to service warranty)

This page is dedicated to all home and business owners living in Louisiana.

We can be reached 24/7 for Free consultations or inspections.


Number #2 Roofing

Also another fact is: your insurance company informed you that they are providing a contractor when they come to inspect your home or business. This is not a wise choice to be obligated to the insurance company's contractor because they are their for the insurance company. They are not there for your best interests or concerns. Pick your own contractor to assist you with all of your needs. Please call Daley's Contractors, LLC for a free consultation concerning your needs, when it comes to your home or business.

How much will it cost?

Did your contractor offer you a choice for architectural shingles with a wind warranty with no maximum wind speed limitation?

We Do Not Use Blue Tarps!

Did your contractor give you options for a metal roof?

Roof tarps are not permanent solutions, nor are they suitable for a period of more than 14 days, as emphasized by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). In addition to causing more damage to your already leaking roof, tarps begin to deteriorate over time from the sun and rain, causing them to literally shred apart and litter yours and your neighbor’s yard with debris.

Roof tarps are typically made of a woven UV-resistant poly-blend ranging in thickness and size and can be found at your local hardware and home improvement stores. “Blue roofs”, as they’re known by public emergency agencies, claim to be mildew resistant although we beg to differ. Due to their easy accessibility and fairly low costs, many homeowners seek to install them themselves or with the help of a handyman after noticing a roof leak in their home. The thought process makes sense: 1. Notice a roof leak in your home. 2. Run and out and purchase a tarp thinking you’re going to prevent further damage to your home’s interior by stopping the roof leak. But what homeowners don’t consider is the further damage the tarp is actually causing on the exterior to the roof itself.

As mentioned above, tarping your roof with a blue tarp causes more problems than it would be preventing. The biggest factor is that it weakens shingles or tile roofs with temperature shifts. Shingles in particular, will expand and contract, which in turn causes them to crack allowing for water penetration. When a blue tarp is covering your roof, it isn’t able to “breathe” and access air flow as it normally would. Also, if the tarp isn’t installed perfectly smooth, it may potentially hold small pools of standing water. Not only is this a perfect scenario for mosquitoes to breed, but this can cause mold to grow underneath the tarp, and you may end up with greater roof damage and having to replace your roof anyway. But now the situation is messier and more hazardous.

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